It all started with a simple beach shell. Back in 2006, we noticed the need for a high-quality, all-

natural beauty product that captured the essence and culture of Australia. After 12 months of

development, sourcing, and testing – we created Shell Lip Balm.

We knew Australia’s wonderful beach culture and excellent weather was recognised world-wide,

however, we were determined to ensure this product was incredibly effective, beautifully designed

and 100% natural. After months of research (and travel!), the solution became clear – we had to

combine an iconic piece of nature (real beach shells) with a product that protects lips from harsh


Made using 100% real beach shells, Shell Lip Balm was, and still remains, a totally unique, natural

product. Each shell is exceptionally cleaned and polished to bring out natural colours and patterns –

meaning no two Shell Lip Balms are the same!

The soothing formulation contains just nine organic ingredients - mango seed butter, macadamia oil,

jojoba oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, Lanolin wax, Vitamin E and Beeswax, providing an incredibly

nourishing lip balm that keeps lips moisturised all year round.

This combination of beautiful packaging and effective formula made Shell Lip Balm an instant

success and launched Organic Island into International fashion magazines including Cosmopolitan,

Vogue and more!

Now in 2016, Shell Lip Balm can be found in over 200 stockists worldwide and has inspired us to

create an extensive range of results-driven, high quality organic skincare for the whole family!

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