Organic Island Serum, formulating a new product

The science behind Organic Island’s NEW Vita-Bright™ Radiance Serum, researching and developing a treatment that maintains and protects the appearance of healthy skin.

Organic Island extensively researches and tests each new product prior to market launch. The primary focus is developing products that are scientifically proven to perform. Organic Island uses the latest innovative technologies and premium 100% natural and certified organic ingredients to increase the efficacy of their products.

Product Development manager Jayme Cooper speaks transparently about the R & D process and why you should be excited about the launch of Organic Island’s new highly anticipated Vita-Bright™ Radiance Serum. 

What is R & D and why does Organic Island put so much emphasis on this process?

Organic Island has, from its roots been primarily concerned with big ideas, new technology and innovating the skin care industry. Our team is young, energetic and our work culture similar to all start-ups is about disrupting industry practices and setting new benchmarks. R & D or research and development is the process adopted when we develop a new product. Its purpose is making sure we deliver a premium product that works. Organic Island’s approach to product development is centred on innovation. We adopt the philosophy that no idea is too big. Developing a new product is a mixture of science and creativity, without this innovation is impossible. We want to deliver outstanding products that challenge the preconceived belief that organics don’t work. There are so many exciting developments in organics and natural skin care that are exceeding the capabilities of petrochemical based products.

Is there a team behind the process and what do you do?

Our product development team includes a Chemist, Biochemist, Laboratory Technicians, Marketing Specialists plus a Graphic and Product Designer. My role within the team is to coordinate and manage each aspect of the product development from visualisation to implementation.

Is it difficult to develop a new product?

It was a massive challenge for our team to create a natural and certified organic skin care range that was more effective than the mainstream chemical-based products. It was made possible by extensive research, applying the latest science, rigorous testing and feedback.

Our new Vita-Bright™ Radiance Serum has been my favourite project to date. I can say with confidence that we have developed the highest quality serum using the latest technological advancements; it’s scientifically designed to improve the appearance of skin. Our product development processes ensures that we deliver the most effective and superior products to our consumers every time.

Please explain the process you undertake to ensure that you develop products that customers need?

Key to our success is to understand the customers’ specific skin concerns and developing a product that will deliver the required results. Serums are concentrated formulations that deliver actives deep into the skin, it was very important that we focused on what skin concerns we should address. The primary feedback from our customers was they required an anti-ageing serum that would also maintain a youthful glowing complexion.

What specifically were their key concerns?

Well, in the harsh Australian climate, sun exposure and melanin synthesis is responsible for premature ageing of the skin and general poor skin health, including winkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Protection and repair functioning are therefore critical to ensuring healthy skin.

In addition, the busy modern lifestyle and diet are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals required for excellent skin condition. Key to a youthful appearance is firm; glowing and radiant skin. To achieve this requires nutrients that support healthy skin functioning and cellular repair.

How do you formulate a product that addresses these skin concerns?

Extensive research is critical. It is important to understand the key skin deficiencies that contribute to skin ageing and develop a formulation that will supplement and support skin health based on the key considerations.

Our team established that a concentrated serum packed full of superior active ingredients Vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants will improve the health of skin for the appearance of glowing, radiant and a more youthful complexion.

We continually are searching for the latest technologies and ingredients that will improve the efficacy of our products. It’s everything from my subscription to leading chemistry publications to regularly attending leading global raw material conferences. When selecting ingredients and formulating our Vita-Bright™ Radiance Serum it was imperative that it was potent and proven to perform. Each ingredient is extensively researched and the clinical data analysed to ensure that consumers will see and feel results immediately.

Can you tell us about the ingredients contained in Organic Islands Vita-Bright™ Radiance Serum and why they are so beneficial to the skin?

We wanted to include vitamin A or Retinol; it’s used to treat photo damaged skin from UV exposure, including typical symptoms of fine and course wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Vitamin A is a benchmark for anti-ageing treatments and is proven to increase cellular renewal, is vital to the regulation of keratinisation, stimulates DNA synthesis and improves collagen synthesis.The primary concern was that Vitamin A can increase sensitivity to the sun and irritate sensitive skin.

Through extensive research we were able to source a safe alternative to retinol, Clinically proven Vit-A-Like™ is a natural alternative to retinol that does not increase skin sensitivity and outperforms other ingredients on the market.

Another hero ingredient is Maritech® Bright; it’s derived from seaweed and is a highly effective natural brightening active, enhancing radiance, visibly reducing age spots and pigmentation. A superior antioxidant, it’s clinically proven to inhibit enzymes known to accelerate the visible signs of ageing. It’s a really powerful ingredient that protects skin against external stresses, including UV damage and the effects of free radicals.

Australia due to its harsh climate has a number of resilient native actives that in recent studies have excelled in their suitability for cosmetic application. Kakadu Plum is the highest natural concentration of vitamin C. A powerful anti-ageing antioxidant, Kakadu Plum stimulates the growth of collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Significantly improves skin hydration, decreases pigmentation and inflammation for a smoother and brighter skin complexion.

What happens after the research stage is completed?

Prior to launching a product our team spends an extensive period of formulation and rigorous testing until we produce a product that we are completely satisfied with. The samples that make it to our blind testing have been reformulated hundreds of times and scientifically tested for safety and efficacy. We then undertake several rounds of testing using a controlled group to ensure that the outcome of the testing is accurate. This focus group will be the decider of the final formulation, the scent, the texture and absorption. Each sample is analysed and perfected based on the focus groups direction and feedback.

How do you decide on the packaging design?

The packaging design is really important. Our focus is on packaging that is ethical and environmentally friendly. The product packaging is also about functionality and intelligent design; it must protect the integrity of our formulations and maintain shelf life. We need to ensure that when our customer purchases their Organic Island product that they are getting a 100% quality product guaranteed every time. It needs to be as fresh as the day that it was bottled.

In terms of the design, it’s all about creating a unique looking product that reflects Organic Islands brand message and our attention to detail. We have just revamped our range, to bring it in line with our brands journey. It is actually one of the most difficult parts of the process for our design team to communicate all the hard work and research that went into the product in such a small space.

Organic Islands Vita-Bright™ Radiance Serum launches next January 2018.