When you see the word ‘organic’ on skincare packaging, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is organic. Here are our top tips to help you find out what’s really in your skincare.

The thing about ‘organic’ labelling

Organic food labelling is really tightly regulated but the rules around marketing and labelling skincare in Australia are much looser. Products can say the word ‘organic’ but may still contain preservatives, chemicals, synthetic ingredients and petroleum.

So how can you tell if your skincare is really organic?

1. Look for a credible organic certification.

Australian Certified Organic is Australia’s largest certifier for organic products and is very trustworthy. They have two categories – certified organic (which means it is 95% organic) and made with certified organic ingredients (which means it contains 70-95% certified organic ingredients excluding salt and water).

Other names you may see which are 100% legitimate.

  • COSMOS (ACO also certifies on their behalf)
  • Natura
  • NSF
  • SoilAssociation(UK)
  • BioGro(NZ)
  • Ecocert(France)
  • OFC
  • Cosmebio(France)
  • ICEA(Italy)
  • Natural Products Association(US)
  • USDA Organic(US)

Still not sure? Look for two organic certifications. Our Organic Island range have two organic certifications – Australian Certified Organic and BDIH Germany. 


2. Check the list of ingredients

See what’s really inside the product by looking on the packaging for the ingredients. Keep in mind that some ingredients such as water can’t be organic. Before you buy any product, flip it around and take a look at the label; if the organic ingredients are near the end of the list, that’s a sign that they don’t make up much of what’s in the bottle. Leave that impostor product on the shelf!

3. Don’t be tricked by other green claims

Some beauty brands talk about being green as a business, rather than their products being green. There’s a big difference! They might say they are environmentally responsible, power their operations with renewable energy or that they donate to a green charity. That’s all great but it still doesn’t mean that their products are actually organic.

4. Check the CHOICE website

You’re probably already familiar with CHOICE – the Australian consumer advocate group. They provide unbiased independent reviews and advice. They have some great information on their website about what to look out for on the shelves when you’re purchasing skincare. Click here to visit CHOICE.

For truly organic skincare with proven performance results, choose Organic Island.

Our Skincare range, Baby Skincare products and Paw Paw Lip Salve don’t just say they are organic, they really are. Our products use innovative organic delivery systems to transform the appearance of your skin.

We’ve clinically tested our products and found they reduce the signs of aging in the following ways:

37% reduction in visibility of fine lines around the eyes

47.5% increase in skin hydration

Kind hydration and moisturisation was increased by up to 50% within the six week clinical period

23% reduction in visibility of fine lines on the face

25% reduction in eye puffiness

The Organic Island difference - our organic delivery systems

Si02 Matrix
This is an advanced delivery system that allows natural ingredients to be absorbed into the skin more effectively than synthetic alternatives, so that active organic ingredients can be delivered in their purest form.

OliveM 1000 Crystal Skin
This next-generation natural formula delivers exceptional hydration whilst retaining the integrity of our advanced blend of organic ingredients.

Lexfeel Natural
This powerful solution ensures our highly effective blend of organic ingredients always leaves your skin with a superior, lightweight and non-greasy feel.

Every Organic Island product is free from:



Synthetic Colours & Fragrances


PEGS & Parabens

Harmful Chemicals

Added Preservatives

Animal Derivatives

Mineral Oil



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